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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 10, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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57 not only at the patuxent river naval station but readville called in with 47. winchester, 49. good morning, fredericksburg, coming in at 51. lots of clouds today but mainly dry. there's an outside chance for a sprinkle. we'll see highs still above the average of 59 and the low to middle 60s. it is 6:00. time for traffic. good morning, angie. >> hello. welcome to the 6:00 hour. rise and shine, everybody. this is going to be a fabulous day. it's tuesday. it's early and we have a new accident on 66 headed eastbound. it's at 234. drivers are losing the left lane. now, that is in the middle of the delay. that stretches from 234 over to route 29. overall you're okay approaching the beltway. on the maps we reveal a nice drive from 95 up to 66 in virginia. 270 headed southbound due to an earlier accident we had a stack- up starting early around the 370 area. you start losing speed around 124, montgomery village avenue.
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on the outer loop from university to georgia volume is building and wrapping with route 4, 5 and 301, no incidents to report. andrea, that's the traffic. at the top of the hour we're about 15 hours away from the execution of john allen muhammad, the man who terrorized our region in the 2002 sniper attacks. he will be put to death by leet and injection at 9:00 tonight. right now the only person who can stop that is virginia governor tim kaine. cane, the governor has not given any indication he'll do that. monday the supreme court refused to get involved in the case. mohammed and his an accomplice, lee boyd malvo killed 10 people in our region. mohammed will be put to death for just one of those murders, the killing of dean harold myers. he died at a gas station 7 years ago. digital correspondent alex trevino is there live this morning. alex? >> andrea, the time has come. bob myers is preparing for the final step in the pursuit of
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justice for his brother. taking in the facts from that day was hard for bob myers. >> i don't really remember what i said but i probably said something like no, it can't be or there must be a mistake. >> dean harold myers was one of 10 people killed. the sniper, john allen muhammad, and his teenage accomplice went on a three-week killing spree back in 2002. myers sevenned in vietnam. he survived a gunshot wound in the war only to be gunned down three decades later as he was filling up his car at a gas station near his office. myers says the killing of john allen muhammad won't bring back his brother. >> we are not considering anybody winners in this. we are not ready to celebrate his death. >> reporter: the myers family firm low believe -- firmly believes justice will be served by putting john allen muhammad to death. >> the nightmare for the myers
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family could last a very long time. i'm alex trevino for 9news now. the attorney for john allen muhammad is still trying to stop tonight's execution. he tells 9news now there's evidence the jury never heard. >> the substance of our claim has merit. that is, he's severely mentally ill and the jury never heard it and somebody ought to hear t he ought to get one hearing. one hearing on his severe mental illness. >> there will be a group of death penalty opponents protesting outside tonight's execution. 9news now and will be following this story all day. bruce leshan is in jarrett, virginia the site of the execution with live reports starting tonight at 5:00. right now on learn more about the sniper shooting victims and see an interactive timeline of the case. the president and first lady will leave the white house heading to fort hood, texas. there will be a ceremony today to remember those killed in
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last week's shootings. 13 people died and more that 25 were hurt. the names of the victims will be read and there will be a 21 gun salute. nidal malik hasan is believed to have acted alone without any kind of direction from a terror group. they say hasan did communicate with a radical muslim cleric but there are no ties to the shootings. about 3% of people in our region walk to work. that's among the highest in the nation. and among big metro areas we're among the safest for pedestrians. the group transportation for america ranked washington 32nd on its list of most dangerous cities for cities. orlando was most dangerous followed by the tampa bay area. cheryl court from the coalition for safer roads believes they start when you build them. >> we need to start with a federal complete streets policy saying when we go to build
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streets we need to build them for everybody. we need to design them so they are good places for walking, bicycling, driving and transit. >> minneapolis-st. paul ranked as the least dangerous metro area for pedestrians. this morning some amazing video out of boston. a subway accident averted thanks to some heroic actions. take a look. this is surveillance video from friday night. a woman fell on the tracks after having a few drinks. there she is in the middle of the track. the train is fast approaching. passengers start waving their arms trying to get the train operator's attention. a radio operator yelled to pull the emergency brake. amazingly, the train stopped just in time. the woman who fell had a few bumps and bruises. the train operator and bystanders were honored at a ceremony yesterday. look how close that came. >> unbelievable. >> goodness. >> she's just under the train when that stopped. >> unbelievable. there she is -- wow. getting up, falling back down.
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but able to get up on her own there. >> she got lucky. >> very lucky. well, it is time now for a living smart report. jessica doyle is here with equally good news from wall street. >> wow. some transition. we start with new highs on wall street. stocks surged after world financial leaders promised to keep their stimulus plans in place for some time to come. the gains were broad-based with all but one of the 30 components and the dow jones closing higher. the dow has rallied 500 points in the past week alone and is up 56 points since plummeting in are march. it stands at 10,226 after rocketing to its highest level in 13 months. the nasdaq and s & p both added about 2% in trading yesterday. the federal reserve has reviewed the results of 19 stress tests on banks and has concluded that only one needs more help. gmac has been unable to raise the nearly $12 billion regulators said it needed after stress test results were
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announced back in may. the fed says the auto finance company is expected to close the gap with more money from the $700 billion financial bailout package. gmac has already been given 12.5 million dollars. general motors has a new electric car idea on the drawing board. it's moving ford with plans for an electric cadillac luxury car. g.m. showed off a caddy version of the chevy volt at the auto show this year. the car can travel 40 miles before needing to rely on its gasoline engine. it goes into production next year. if you buy one, you need a plug. that's the thing to consider. >> that's it. and a little money to go along with it. >> there you go. >> thank you, jessica. now to a major recall jessica told us about earlier this morning. parents should stop using mclaren umbrella strollers immediately. the company is voluntarily recalling 1 million strollers. 12 children this their fingers
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amputated after putting them into a hinge. it includes all nine models of the double and single umbrella strollers. for more on the recall and reaction go to, the web site where d.c.-area moms connect. our time 8 minutes after the hour. in four minutes we'll get today's hero central report. and in 10 minutes a flu alert. a a new brand of hand sanitizer. learn what makes this kind so special. right now we focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. good morning. looking at temperatures, no 30s out there but we do have an if you 40s. even they are not so bad up toward cumberland at 48, frederick at 46. warm spot in southern maryland, 57 patuxent river, cambridge at 55. it's in the lower 50s here in the washington metro region. 65 for gaithersburg this morning. shady side 63. you shall and a 64.
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clouds should stay with us. dry until tonight. all clear, nice commute. over to silver spring, georgia avenue and wayne, things looking good out here. drivers stopped at a light. 295 headed southbound from 32 past 128, all wait down to the capital belt by, lanes are wide open. drivers are moving. andrea, over to you. >> life is filled with chances but only those willing to take the risk will grow. willie jolly explains the growing pains along the way. >> reporter: good morning. this is willie jolly. today's tip for success is that we have growing pains not just as children but also as adults and we must learn to manage them as we grow older. most people don't live life to the fullest because of fear. they let fear rob them of life and the joys of living but i don't want you to be reckless and foolish, but i do want you to take some chances and
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challenge yourself. take the risk or you'll never grow, never stretch, never reach your full potential. sometimes it will be painful but there's no growth without pain. that's why they are called growing pains. what would you think if you had a baby who was 3 years old and did not grow from infancy? you'd take the baby to the doctor. or suppose the baby fell down once and never tried to walk? you never learn to walk, run or maximize your potential unless you fall down. we will fall down in the process of becoming all we can be but i'm encouraging to you keep pushing and keep trying and go through the growing pains. become the best "you" you can be. visit my web site at for free motivation and make this a great day. >> 9 traffic now is br
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it's time for today's hero central report. i'm here to talk about how you can be a hero this weekend. >> it's something jessica knows a lot about because this weekend jessica is going to be the master of ceremonies for the kidney awareness walk here in d.c. and we want all of you to come out. we're going to tell you guys a little bit about it right now. this is so important because 26 million adult americans have chronic kidney disease and 90% don't even know they have it. so it's a disease that's definitely worth raising an awareness about and that is exactly what this walk is for. so jessica, tell us just a little bit about the nuts and bolts of how people can participate. >> you bet, kristen. this is a 5k fun run and walk. so if you can't run 5k, that's okay. i can't either.
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it's a walk as well. >> we can walk. >> free advance online registration. it's $20 the day. what's exciting is there is rapid kidney disease screening for no extra charge. fun stuff for the kids to do so this is a great event for families. >> all the funds raised will go to help benefit the kidney trust which is a nonprofit organization working to prevent kidney disease through public education and awareness across the united states. so if you would like to donate, all you have to do is go to this web site. i'll have a link to it on my blog at that's where you need to go if you would like to register for this event. jessica actually has a very personal connection to this disease, right? >> absolutely. well, my father has kidney disease and it's caused by so many things in america so that's why it's so important to get screened because people do not realize that they have this problem. so come on out on saturday morning. we'd love to see you. >> come on out. andrea, back to you. >> i'm sorry.
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could you continue on with me? >> absolutely. on this tuesday morning we're going to tell you what is in the news now. the f.b.i. is taking its investigation of anthony sowell overseas. investigators are looking into place where the accused serial killer served in the military. former president bill clinton is going to meet with senate democrats today to discuss health care reform. the senate is expected to take up the issue sometime this month. fewer of us will fly for thanksgiving this year. the air transport association predicts a 4% drop in holiday air travel over last year. the reason? the economy. how about that, howard? >> may be some bumpy flying today from atlanta. there's a lot of rain from ida down there, birmingham, other areas of the south. here we're watching ida because that's the big weather story. by the way, you're doing the kidney thing saturday. i'm doing the heart walk. >> how are weather conditions for saturday? >> fine for both events.
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ida is coming on shore down toward mobile bay. however, as we look at the moisture it's well north and east now with that center of circulation and it is raining quite heavily in spots in alabama, over to georgia and a lot of moisture still coming on here shore from the gulf of mexico into western florida. ida's winds at 50 miles an hour on the last advisory. looks like it has drifted north toward mobile bay now. it's moving off toward the north-northeast at 8 miles an hour. the forecast track of the leftover remnants of ida or the low pressure that ida is turning into take it east even by tomorrow morning, moving through the florida panhandle and back toward tallahassee tomorrow afternoon. the rains will be across the deep south. for us, we're going to watch it because that moisture wants to move off toward the north and east and it does look like at least for the next three days we may see a little of it tonight into tomorrow morning. today still mild, into the 60s but tomorrow and thursday, veteran's day breezy.
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54. thursday a dryer day. we're in the 40s and 50s this morning. sun's coming up in a half hour. with the cloud cover it will stay dark until 7:00 or so. the low sun angle. mostly cloudy this afternoon. 60-65. average high is 59. northerly winds 5-10 as the front slips through. cloudy with a few showers tonight mainly south. lows in the upper 40s. winds north-northeast 10-20 and they'll be brisk tomorrow out of the northeast at 10-20. clouds out there this morning but a dry start. 53. no winds to speak of and dew point in the upper 30s. 57 an at the naval air station in patuxent river. 40s from winchester to cumberland. 50 at dulles this morning. northern rockies, a shot of cold air coming down but the warmth from the east, thanks to ida, and all this southwesterly
6:17 am
flow. heavy rains now in alabama. there's atlanta. can you imagine this is slowly going to move that way so a wet day in store. could be tough flying through hearts field. that moisture going to get into the carolinas but we're going to be protected thanks to this cold front which will slip threw this afternoon. tomorrow continuing to push south. more moisture will ride to the south but northeastern virginia will see moderate rainfall. light showers are expected tonight and tomorrow, especially south and east. here's the seven-day. 60s today but back in the 50s tomorrow and thursday. friday 60 and over the weekend we've got the kidney race and walk. we've got the heart walk going on. weather looks a-okay. angie? >> time going on there, howard. thank you very much. good morning, folks in d.c., maryland and virginia. we've got all your roads covered. let's go ahead and take a look at 66 eastbound. that's where we still have an accident off to the left shoulder. it has been cleared near the car rest area. things are looking a little
6:18 am
better but we are still below speed from 234 up to route 29 and again from 50 to 123. moving over to 95 northbound, it is a slow-go from the prince william parkway past lorton. 395, that northbound trip slow from edsel over to seminary and then using the brakes a little bit approaching the 14th street bridge. on the outer loop it looks like we're below speed just crawling along from university over to georgia. and finally here is 95 and the b.w. parkway. no problems to report out of baltimore. drives making their way towards powder mill. over to andrea. thank you, angie. at 6:18 we have a blue alert for you. a head's up on several h1n1 vaccine clinics in our region today. we start in prince george's county. there's a clinic today for children ages 6 months to 35 months only. it runs from 6:30 to 8:30 tonight at the d. leonard dire regional health center on
6:19 am
business cat -- piscataway high school. mckinley tech high school in northeast will have a clinic. finally fairfax county is holding clinics at all five health department regional offices beginning at 8 a.m. vaccines are from children ages 6 months to 18 years. pregnant women, and parents of infants. a lot of local clinics have been packed with parents desperate to find a vaccine for their children. so who's to blame for this run on vaccines? our partners the usa today are out with a poll, finding 58% of them blame the federal government for a lack of vaccines while 62% blame the drug companies. using hand sanitizer is billed as a way to fight germs and the flu. today a texas company has come out with a new stronger hand sanitizer. the company health point claims its ultra-sept kills germs for
6:20 am
up to six hours. >> after three uses, you have a little bit more persistence. the chemistry accumulates a little bit by binding to your skin. >> the f.d.a. will not allow hand sanitizer makers to claim its product kills the flu but that hasn't stopped more than 500 hospitals nation-wide from picking up this new formula. for more information on fighting the flu, including a recap of those flu clinics in our region today, go to, the living well page. check out our flu alert section. it's 6:20. ahead in sports, which team came up big in monday night football? and alexander ovechkin telling some big jokes. in three minutes the one which fooled a lot of caps fans. having a child with diabetes,
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ovechkin out until christmas? he said he was just kidding around with a reporter this weekend when he said he'd be out for five weeks. ovechkin should return from an upper body strain by next week. the nationals could be nearing a decision on their permanent manager. interim skipper jim rigleman says he expects a decision next week. he is in the running to takeover the job. other candidates are former mets manager bobby valentine and bob melvin. monday night football action, steelers visiting the broncos. big ben threw three touchdown passes including this one to mike wahle as in the fourth quarter. pittsburgh wins 28-10. both teams 6-2. the skins and denver go at it again on sunday. the nfl is now reviewing sunday's scuffle at the
6:25 am
redskins game in atlanta. landry made a late hit on matt ryan leading to a back and forth on the side lines. current redskin deangelo hall said a few of the falcons' coaches quote got some licks in. now the tape is under review. ahead why veterans day is the new big day when it comes to holiday shopping. and trying to ease the morning rush on interstate 270. in 9 minutes, the big plans up for a vote today. angie? >> typical traffic for this time. it's on the way. >> reporter: plenty of clouds out here but comfortable. i'll let you know if ida's moisture will impact your tuesday. my sunglasses.
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we have breaking news out of northeast washington. police are investigating a double shooting. gunfire left one person dead and another wounded. it happened early this morning along 21st street northeast near maryland avenue. that's just south of the arboretum. no name yet for the person who died. the person wounded remains in critical condition and no word yet on any suspects. thank you for starting your
6:30 am
tuesday with us. i'm andrea roane. meet meteorologist howard bernstein, not wearing gloves at least. >> this medium-weight jacket may be a little overkill. i think a light jacket. we're in the 50s. some spots in the 40s this would be appropriate but winds are calm. that makes it feel not too bad at all. cloud cover overhead. you can see why. all this is streaming. these high clouds streaming from the gulf of mexico. the bright yellows and oranges down there, that's the heavy rainfall across alabama, getting into georgia now coming from what's left of tropical storm ida. still a tropical storm this morning. temperature-wise we sit at 53 in washington but we've got 40s down to the west. we're going into the low to mid- 60s today with lots of clouds, a couple of showers possible by tonight. angie has our traffic here at 6:30. >> thanks, howey. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday. it is early and we are just so happy to have you join us. let's begin with the beltway watch on the outer loop. a will -- lot of taillights
6:31 am
from new hampshire over to georgia avenue. we are delayed from father hurley down to the split. no accidents along the way. a live look from sky 9 hovering over delays on 66 headed eastbound. we're below speed from 234 to route 29 then slowing down again at route 50. expect a good slowdown approaching the capitol beltway. that's the kind of area we're looking at right now. no accidents on this interstate. and we are going to wrap it up with m. street and south capitol where i'm happy to report that you are all clear, gearing up to go through georgetown. andrea, over to you. unless virginia governor tim kaine gets involved, john allen muhammad will be put to death at 9:00 tonight. he is one of the two snipers who terrorized our region seven years ago. mohammed will be given a lethal injection tonight at the prison in jarrett, virginia. victims, relatives and journalists will witness his death. monday the supreme court
6:32 am
refused to take up an appeal and governor cane has not hinted he will grant clemency. even though a majority of the sniper murders happened in maryland, mohammed will be put to death for a killing in virginia. dean harold myers was murdered pumping gas in manassas, virginia. digital correspondent alex trevino is there live this morning. al alex? >> reporter: it's been seven years but for the myers family the memory is still very fresh and painful. very little can make it better for bob myers, even putting his brother's cold-blooded assasin to death. >> we don't consider that there's any winners in this. we are not ready to celebrate his death. >> reporter: dean harold myers was one of the 10 people shot to death when john allen muhammad and his acool police took off on a wild killing spree seven years ago. the vietnam vet was taken by surprise when he was pumping gas. his brother was left in shock. >> i don't really remember what
6:33 am
i said, but i probably said something like no, it can't be, or there must be a a mistake. >> reporter: myers says justice will happen. bob myers wants to move forward and leave the d.c. sniper in the law of the land tonight. live in manassas, i'm alex trevino, 9news now and no one who lived here during the sniper attacks can forget the terror which entered our daily lives. you can hear it in the voices of 911 callers from october 3rd, 2002. >> what is wrong? >> a man has been killed in front of me. >> that call came from the shooting at the mobile gas station in aspen hill. paramedics responding to the scene knew this was out of the ordinary. >> a female police officer showed up in her car. she got out, and she's wearing a dress and high heels, and she starts putting on a bulletproof vest. and i'm like okay. if she's doing all this we
6:34 am
don't belong here. >> reporter: it wasn't until a while later police realized the shootings were all carried out by the same gunman. learn more about the victims at we have profiles of their lives and a timeline of the sniper shootings. bruce leshan will be reporting later today from jarrett, virginia. he'll be live beginning tonight at 5:00. in other news the montgomery county council will vote on a plan to revamp the entire i-270 corridor, which could have a huge impact on your morning commute. up for a vote, first a plan to wide an the highway to frederick from shade owe grove and a planned transit way from rockville to classburg, whether it should be a light rail or a bus system. and whether to allow a massive new development at the white flint metro station. an autopsy will be performed today on two bodies found in millington, virginia. police think the deaths of a
6:35 am
man and woman are a murder- suicide. the two were found shot to death in a townhouse on springfield oaks drive yesterday afternoon. a former neighbor says the 66- year-old man was suffering from progressive alzheimer's. other neighbors say the 52-year- old woman had cancer. a former frederick county maryland resident will file a $1 million lawsuit today against the county sheriff and his deputy. the woman who is suing is a salvadoran immigrant. roxannea santos claims her civil rights were violated when deputies interrogated her over her immigration status then arrested her. her attorney claims unlawful arrest since it was based solely on race or ethnicity. er is you have chuck jenkins says key facts have been left out. jessica doyle is back at 6:35 with another living smart report. and you're talking about early holiday shopping. and i mean early. >> yes. we are not talking about black
6:36 am
friday. we're talking about veteran's day. >> that's tomorrow. >> yeah . this holiday brings to mind patriotism and sales. shoppers are so tuned into bargain shopping, the national retail federation predicts americans plan to spend an average of $682 on holiday shopping, down 3.2% from last year. more than half of holiday shoppers say the sales and discount prices will be the most important factor when deciding where to shop. and retailers at the mall are stepping in with some special bargains beginning tomorrow. macy's is offering 25% off of clearance items and other deals like 60% off of some bedding. lord and taylor is taking 15% off regular and sale items plus another 10% if you use your lord and taylor card. nordstrom has its half yearly sale going on for women and kids. this is the biggest clearance sale of the season which happens to coincide on veteran's day. and there are some deals
6:37 am
tomorrow exclusively for veterans and active military and immediate family. lowe's and home depot are offering 10% off purchases. you should bring your proof of service or valid military i.d. and this trend, i'll tell you, the gift closet. we all need the gift closet when we buy this early. >> if you're at the lord and taylor at chevy chase, fit for the cure from 11-4 p.m. look good and do something good. if you don't want to know how the world series of poker ended, turn down the volume, and look away for at least 30 seconds. ready? well, this year's winner is 21- year-old joe cata. the professional poker player from michigan won a few hours ago beating dare vin moon, a will goer from garrett county, maryland. cata is the youngest-ever winner, going home with $8.5 million. uncle sam will be there with you waiting. it is 6:37. a family visit to the
6:38 am
national zoo has turned one man's video into a you tube agency. it shows that deer that ventured into the lion's dead. ahead hear from the man who shot the video. but right now we're going to hear from howard bernstein about virginia's forecast because it's safe to look and listen again. >> it's going to be fine out here during the morning and much of the afternoon. can't rule out that we won't see an isolated shower but mainly a dry, cloudy day. let's look at your temperatures as you're getting ready to head off to work or school this afternoon or maybe hanging out. temperatures in the 40s in culpeper, and 47 this morning. winchester 49 but 52 fredericksburg and 48 coming in. 66 in spotsylvania and warrenton, 65 a. time for a look at virginia highways. good morning, angie. >> reporter: good morning to you. hello everybody. 95 northbound near the fredericksburg area, looks like we're to the finding any problems out of there heading north. fairfax county, live from route 29 and 123, things filling out a bit but no incidents or
6:39 am
accidents. and we are also smooth sailing on the dulles toll zone from the airport towards tyson's. you're going to see volume approaching the toll plaza to access the beltway. happy tuesday. you're watching 9news now.
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believe it or not, sesame street is turning 40. the children's show debuted in 1969. monday was sesame street day in new york city. a lot of the famous characters were the idea of the late jim hence enwho grew up in maryland and got his start right here at channel 9. as we've been reporting all morning, sniper john allen muhammad will be put to death tonight in virginia. had his crimes and victims are being remembered online today. kristen fisher is in the web center with a look. >> the story is all over the
6:43 am
web. some people are posting minute- by-minute updates actually counting down to the execution. others are creating groups on facebook to remember the victims. you better believe this is certainly one of the top stories on all a the news web sites this morning. here you can see it's today's big fat story on the daily beast. i like this site because it breaks down the coverage of this story. their big one here, judgment day for the d.c. sniper. and then you can see it branches out to mohammed's biography, his plan, the actual shooting spree, the an accomplice, culminating in today, his execution. now, another side i want to show you guys is our web site, because this story is one of the most popular on our web site this morning. we're devoting an entire site to the sniper on if you fifty there you'll find all the stories that we've covered in the past few weeks on the d.c. sniper. you'll also find tools that
6:44 am
will help you dig deeper as we near that execution date which is set for 9 p.m. tonight. one thing you might find interesting is we actually have a copy of mohammed's handwritten letter proclaiming his innocence. you can find it on the site and read it for yourself. you'll find a page devoted entirely to the victims, who they were, how they died and the truly heartbreaking stories from their family and friends they left behind. and finally you'll find an interactive timeline of the key events in the shooting spree and the trial which walk you through the history of how this all happened. it's been 7 years since the sniper shootings but it's still on a lot of people's minds especially here in the d.c. area, and as we near the execution date, they are sounding off on our web site and on our facebook page. most people are very angry, understandably. here's the story on our facebook page. weave received just a ton of comments and unfortunately i can't find any comment that is quite tv-appropriate but if you would like to read them for are
6:45 am
yourself or sound off and share your own thoughts you can go to or go to our facebook page. andrea? all right, kristen. thank you. 6:45. howard bernstein is here to give us the forecast. an okay day. not a great day but not a terrible day either. got a lot of clouds out there. and we do have not as warm as yesterday where we got into the low 70s. 71 at reagan national a. however, it's going to be a dry day for the most part and temperatures are going to be above the average of 59. this morning i want to start with ida. ida is still considered a tropical storm although it's got that more classic-looking appearance of a comma shape. a strong area of low pressure or even when a nor'easter goes past us. it will look like this on radar. wheny get a deep storm system even in the wintertime it will look like this on radar, except it will be snow instead of rain. you've got the low pressure here. kind of extending back into the gulf. but there's nothing on the south or the west side so it doesn't look tropical at all. there have been heavy rains.
6:46 am
locally four inches plus in a few spots over the last 24 hours. the last advisory still had it as a tropical storm although it's transitioning away into a strong area of nontropical low pressure. winds at 50 miles an hour. moving off toward the east it will cut across parts of western florida over the next day, day and a half. georgia, alabama moving into the carolinas, that's where the heavy rain threat is going to be. even parts of western florida. a couple of sprinkles could move in here tonight into veteran's day where temperatures will be dropping from the 60s today on this 234th birthday of the marine corps. into the mid-50s on veteran's day and 56 with sunshine, still breezy on thursday. your momslikeme bus stop forecast, cloudy, cool this morning. 40s and 50s out there but it's comfortable bus the winds are fairly light. sunrise about a minute ago. an although with the cloud cover, not the brightest start to the morning. it will be mostly cloudy to overcast today. still mild, 60-65. north winds, 5-10 miles an hour
6:47 am
and the sunset, 4:58. tonight a few showers will be possible. a better chance south. fredericksburg has a much better chance of seeing showers than here in the district. and north even lesser chances, lows in the upper 40s. cloudy skies out there this morning. just a glimmer of light in the clouds from the sunrise with temperatures now in the low 50s at reagan national. calm winds and relative humidity at 89%. 50s off to the east. annapolis calling in a 54 there. # 54 also in cam bridge. 46 our cool spot from manassas and culpeper. frederick and cumberland and martinsburg this morning, you're 47. here's ida. a lot of rainfall here from mississippi to alabama, back into the atlantic area. the moisture will head northeast. a front is really going to block the moisture from coming here this afternoon. some of the moisture gets north of the front by tomorrow
6:48 am
morning. light showers here. better chance of heavier rains would be southeast of virginia, down through the carolinas. we're only going to see a little bit of rain from ida right now. the seven-day forecast, mid-60s today. breezy by the way tomorrow and thursday with a stiff northeast wind. chilly too with highs only in the 50s. a couple of sprinkles tonight and tomorrow. the weekend looks really nice. we've got the kidney run. we've got the heart walk going on saturday. weather is going to be just fine. angie? >> sounds good. looks like it's pretty decent flying weather right now. we come to you live from sky 9 taking a look at 95 heading northbound where it is a slow ride from the prince william parkway up to lorton. to this area here at the mixing bowl, notice over to the left of your screen, we've got an incident off to the right shoulder. something to keep an eye out for. something that's adding to that slow-go. going over to 395 northbound, it's a slow ride from 495 up to seminary. what you're looking at here is approaching the third street
6:49 am
tunnel. that's where we have a disabled vehicle. drivers losing the left lane at c street. then we're going to take you outside and show you inbound new york avenue where we're below speed from the times building to blade ensburg road and again at florida avenue. 270 is also jammed from father hurley down to the split. plus 20 minutes for that. we're going to round it out with your travel times. take a look. 66 headed eastbound, we are in the yellow. 17 minutes from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. 15 minutes on the outer loop from 95 to 270 and on d.c. 295 towards the 11th street bridge, a 6-minute commute. that is growing. andrea, over to you. today the d.c. city council will reportedly make some changes to its same-sex marriage bill. the "washington post" reports there will be two key changes. one will allow religious groups the right to deny receptions- based or other services for same-sex marriages unless those services are sold to the public. another would still allow domestic partnerships once same- sex marriages are performed.
6:50 am
all of this still requires approval from congress. now a follow-up to a story we brought you yesterday. that deer wandering into the lion habitat at the national zoo. video posted to you tube shows the incident. a dough got into the lion exhibit sunday. the lions went after their prey. the deerest skipped but later had to be put down because of its injuries. we caught up with a guy who took the video. roby from silver spring defended against people who believe it's cruel. >> these are wild animals. these are lions. this is what they do. seeing them inside a caged enclosure sitting laying around all day long is not that interesting. seeing them go after something in the wild is very interesting. i'd pay to go to africa to see this. >> in the last 48 hours the video has been viewed over 185,000 times. in sports, just a day after he was let go by the chiefs, the redskins are expressing an
6:51 am
interest in larry johnson. the laplata a, maryland running back was let go after using a gay slur with reporters and fighting with his coach. johnson is a former pro bowler. ben roethlisberger threw three touchdowns for the steelers last night. heinz ward had to jump over champ bailey for this t. d. steeler beat the broncos. 53 degrees in northwest washington. a car smashes into an apartment in the district. in three minutes, the latest on what happened. we'll be right back.
6:52 am
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- no to fake foods. - and yes to real. yes to hellmann's. made with eggs, vinegar and oils... that are naturally rich in omega 3. with all the taste in the world. mmmmmm. hellmann's. it's time for real. here's what's in the news now. john allen muhammad will be put to death in 14 hours. the sniper was convicted for the murder of dean myers in manassas, virginia. only clemency from virginia's governor will halt the execution. a car slammed into an apartment building in southeast
6:55 am
washington. this was the scene on bowen road last night. the driver was taken to the hospital. no one in the apartment was hurt. police haven't said what caused the accident. howard county holds a public hearing tonight on whether to ban children from using tanning beds. it would be the first such ban in the country. the meeting starts tonight at 6:00 in columbia, maryland. howard? andrea, a lot of clouds around today. we may see showers with that tonight and tomorrow. today mainly dry. highs in the low to mid-60s. angie has traffic and all of your seven-day when we come back.
6:56 am
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at 6:58 how about 50
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meatballs for breakfast? if you can down them in 10 minutes, that's what joey chet nut did in las vegas. 50 meatballs. black widow sonia thomas, only 8 in 10 minutes. >> when do they get their appetite back? >> let's talk about traffic live from sky 9. a view from the top overlooking 95 headed northbound. this is at the mixing bowl. you can see crash activities off to the right shoulder. northbound route 1 near buckman road, an accident letting only the right lane get by. howie? cloudy today, sprinkles tonight and tomorrow with ida's moisture but we cool off, breezy for veteran's day into thursday and a nice-looking weekend coming up. as for wall street we are looking lower this morning. of course coming off of highs for the year. >> the early show is next. more on the landfall of ida ... >> coming up at 9 a.m., a little


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